Preserving emotions and stories in the most extraordinary way imaginable, through the untamed beauty of Super 8 ELOPEMENT film. Join us on a journey that defies conventions and ignites your souls.

We firmly believe that emotions, moments, and stories hold immense significance in our lives, and we have dedicated ourselves to preserving them in the most extraordinary way imaginable.

Ever since we embarked on this incredible journey together, wedding photography has become our chosen path for etching these stories into eternity. But let me share a little secret with you - when the stars align and the universe conspires in our favor, we unleash the true magic. We transcend the boundaries of digital cameras and seize our trusty companion, a legendary 1965 Super 8 cine film camera.

Our hearts race with excitement as we embrace the rugged authenticity and untamed beauty that emanate from Super 8. We adore the pure and unfiltered emotions it captures, believing that it harmoniously intertwines with our distinctive photography style. In just three minutes, a Super 8 film can unravel an entire lifetime, conveyed in an unapologetically genuine and stripped-down manner.

With its delicate grain and ethereal light, Super 8 film bestows an irreplaceable enchantment upon each wedding film. It creates an unparalleled sense of nostalgia and romance, infusing our photographic work with a timeless allure. Every wedding film becomes a cherished keepsake, imbued with a touch of whimsy, intimacy, and unequivocal uniqueness.

So, my bold and fearless companions, if you dare to embark on an adventure that defies conventions and embraces the extraordinary, let us be your guides. Join us in creating wedding memories that transcend the ordinary, crafted with love, passion, and a touch of badassery. Together, we shall embark on a journey to preserve your love story in a way that will forever ignite your souls.

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