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Rome Sunrise Vows Exchange : Emily and Santiago’s Intimate Elopement

elopement in Rome at sunrise

Emily and Santiago, a unique and loving couple from different corners of the world, decided to embark on a romantic and intimate journey to celebrate their love. They chose to organize their Rome sunrise elopement and exchange their vows in the enchanting city of Rome, Italy, as the first light of day began to illuminate its stunning architecture.

The couple's journey started at the iconic Piazza di Spagna (Spanish Steps), where the soft morning light cast a warm glow on the majestic Spanish Steps. Hand in hand, they roamed the city, sharing their love and laughter as they strolled from one historic site to another. Their Rome sunrise vows exchange was a heartfelt and tender moment, as they pledged their love and commitment to one another against the backdrop of the eternal city.

As they continued their Rome sunrise elopement, Emily and Santiago made their way to the breathtaking Fontana di Trevi, where the gentle sound of flowing water added a magical touch to their intimate ceremony. Their love and excitement were palpable, as they tossed coins into the fountain, believing in the age-old tradition of ensuring a return to Rome.

Their journey led them to the impressive Pantheon, where they marveled at the grandeur and history of the ancient temple. The couple, a perfect example of two people from different backgrounds forming a loving, balanced, and harmonious relationship, felt a deep connection to the city's rich past and culture.

Finally, Emily and Santiago reached the charming Piazza Navona, where they reveled in the beauty and serenity of the early morning light. Surrounded by stunning baroque architecture and ornate fountains, they shared a private and deeply emotional moment, reflecting on the power of their love and the incredible connection that brought them together.

The Rome sunrise elopement of Emily and Santiago was a touching and intimate celebration of their love, set against the awe-inspiring backdrop of Rome's iconic landmarks. Their story is a testament to the beauty of love, the power of connection, and the magic that unfolds when two souls from different worlds find each other and embark on a journey of a lifetime.

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Who are Emily & Santiago?

intimate sunrise wedding vow exchange in Rome

Emily and Santiago are a unique and loving couple that come from different corners of the world, with Emily being born in Wollongong, Australia, and Santiago hailing from Medellín, Colombia. They now reside together in Toowoomba, Australia, where their life as a couple began. Their story is one of chance, as they met completely randomly when Emily was a medical student and Santiago was a doctor at a small rural practice. Santiago felt an instant connection, which quickly grew into love. Emily was drawn to Santiago's kind eyes, calm demeanor, and the beautiful aura that surrounded him, making her feel safe and comfortable. As a couple, they share interests in spending time with their adorable dog Albie, enjoying good food, medicine, and humor. They describe themselves as being relaxed, true to themselves, unafraid to be different, respectful, and kind. Emily's spirited personality, which Santiago fondly refers to as "spicey," is balanced by his calmness, creating a harmonious dynamic between them. In essence, Emily and Santiago are a perfect example of two people from different backgrounds coming together to form a loving, balanced, and harmonious relationship. Their story is a testament to the beauty of love and the power of connection.


Rome, April 17th, 2023

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