Mountain elopement in Italy I Alice & Marino I Santo Stefano di Sessanio

mountains elopement in Italy

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Italy Mountains Elopement Ideas

Whether it is the Dolomites, the Alps, or Campo Imperatore (the location of this elopement), the landscape will be the dream of every photographer. Abruzzo is certainly not the first choice because it is a place still to be discovered. Instead, it is an incredible place, surrounded by wild nature, the perfect place for couples looking for something unconventional for their elopement in Italy.

Romantic Mountains Elopement In Italy

When we met Alice, she told us her story and the idea she had in mind we immediately liked it. This elopement in the mountains was organized in secret, unbeknownst to Marino. That morning, Alice gave Marino the clothes, rings, and a sheet with a pen to write the promises. After that, we went to Campo Imperatore, in the mountains, where they met and exchanged their rings. It was a touching moment. An elopement in the mountains in Italy is something beautiful that is worth considering if you want something unique and unusual.

Italy Elopement Locations

When you think of Italy and the mountains, you immediately think of the Dolomites. But there are many other mountains in Italy with stunning landscapes, perfect for an elopement. With Alice and Marino, we went to Abruzzo, precisely to Campo Imperatore, a truly incredible place, one of our favorite mountain locations in Italy for an elopement. It is a perfect place for elopements because it is boundless and surrounded by nature. The preparation took place in Santo Stefano di Sessanio, at the Sextantio Hotel, an incredible place! A stone hotel nestled in a medieval village, where time seems to have stopped.

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