Lazy Olive Tuscany Wedding I Alice & Marino


The wedding of Alice and Marino, held at the stunning Lazy Olive Villa in Tuscany, was a true standout among weddings. As photographers, we were honored to be part of such a special day for our friend and colleague, Alice, who is a talented photographer herself. The anticipation leading up to the wedding was a mixture of excitement and nerves as we wanted to do justice to the memories being created at this momentous occasion.

We had previously captured a chapter of Alice and Marino's love story, as we joined them for a mountain-top elopement where they exchanged vows in the heart of the Abruzzo mountains. (You can see photos of their beautiful elopement here).

The wedding day at Lazy Olive Villa Tuscany was truly unforgettable, though not exactly as we had envisioned. The day turned out to be the rainiest wedding day on record, with rain falling for over 16 consecutive hours! Nevertheless, Alice and Marino embraced their wedding day with joy and enthusiasm, making the most of every moment. The guests, made up of friends and family, were also undaunted by the rain and actively participated in the festivities.

From our perspective, the rain was unexpected and initially caught us off guard, but we quickly adapted and used it to our advantage. The rain added a unique and beautiful element to the photographs, creating a moody and intimate atmosphere that would not have been possible without the rain. The Lazy Olive Villa Tuscany was the perfect setting for this unforgettable wedding.




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