servizio fotografico matrimonio

We decided to get married after seeing your wedding photos, so we introduced ourselves to you. Two crazy smiles and an incredible style.

They will craft vibrant memories for you that you will be too excited to fully enjoy them. This is their superpower, to wrap time and stop it. A good photographer must have an eye and a heart. And these two have it enough to fullfill the sky.

servizio fotografico matrimonio

Amazing! This is the only adjective that I can use today to express what we have experienced. You were the perfect joining link for this to be OUR party. Unobtrusive, smiling, sympathetic, excited: I felt you as an integral part of the "family". For this reason ... thank you: you have made possible to live a dream, even when awake.

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Italy wedding photographers

I even didn’t know that I’d have get married, that I had already chosen my wedding photographer. To the big question I answered: “Yes! But we make the photographers coming from Rome”. Either you fall madly in love with their Art or you just don't like them at all, I don't believe there can be half measures. Either white or black, actually.... We obviously loved their style which absolutely needs no introduction. They are as unique and peculiar as an artist

should be. They are perfectly coordinated and collaborative with each other, very nice, and careful in every detail. Forget about boring and well-worn traditional poses, missing in personality and storytelling. I'm here craving for the entire photoshoot, mostly done in a bathroom (super cool of course, but still a bathroom), because again ... forget the classic wedding photos. I’m incredibly jealous that you have yet to be photographed by them.

Kisses, Linda