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fotografo matrimonio non convenzionale toscana

The emotions of marriage are strong, strange, indescribable, and chaotic. Only Emanuele and Federica managed to order them and enclose them in shots that will keep those emotions forever. They are artists and work with extreme empathy and kindness. They are the perfect alchemy between professionalism and humanity. I will never stop thanking them.

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We had a great time with Emanuele and Federica for our engagement in Rome. We found them by googling "wedding photographer reviews" because we wanted someone trustworthy. They made the photoshoot natural and fun! They are truly talented. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for a wedding photographer in Italy or Rome.

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Magic! Nothing but them!

Wedding photographers? Much more. They are magical. They transform reality into a fairy tale. They are capable of making your dream, capturing moments, and explaining emotion. Thank you, you have contributed to making our marriage unique and immortal. We love you!

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The most beautiful photos I've ever seen

As soon as I saw the masterpieces that make these guys I had no doubts about who should have made the photoshoot for our wedding. There would have been no one better than them! Emanuele and Federica are a fantastic couple, they convey all their passion to you and create something breathtaking; it is not just about photographs, they are real experiences to live, it is to enclose within a snapshot of the emotions that have their own life!

Rome destination wedding photographer

An unconventional wedding

We loved their style from the first photograph seen, so much so that we didn't contact anyone else. They perfectly reflect our style and have had great ideas for both the engagement and the wedding itself.
We look forward to being able to do the post-wedding with them, which will surely be another explosive bomb.


Best Tuscany destination wedding photographers

When I received the proposal, I knew I wanted to have you tell our story and capture every detail of our wedding. To tell us! And so it was, and it couldn't be crazier than that.

recensioni fotografo matrimonio roma

Not the typical wedding photos

We discovered Emanuele and Federica by chance and immediately fell in love with their works. We weren't looking for the classic photos but for someone who knew how to capture the emotions and tell our story. They were a perfect choice! They followed us step by step from engagement until our wedding day, immediately putting us at ease, and with their style, they managed to create real works of art without us even noticing!


They know how to see your dark side

What is there in a Love that has lasted for more than ten years? Not just roses and flowers, joy and colors. Also, many thorns cut stems and shadows. As indeed in each of us. I fell in love with these couple of photographers because, in my opinion, they can see the dark side and the Demon that is in each of us. A beautiful Demon dancing. Thank you so much. It was an honor to be told by you!

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Perfect photos of my wedding in Santorini!

As great photography enthusiasts, the choice of photographers for our wedding was one of the most important. So the search began until I came across their shots, I saw the unique style and mood of their photos: it had to be them! We had a great time right away. Available, professional, and attentive, they were a reassuring and discreet presence. They captured unique moments without us noticing anything!

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The best choice ever!

Never predictable, spontaneous, and discreet. In particular, Federica, who followed me in the preparation, was of a unique sweetness. Emanuele and Federica have special alchemy. It is not simple teamwork; they understand each other. They spoke a few times, and they already knew what the other thought and wanted to say. The best choice ever. Thank you very much

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Eyes and Heart

My two fundamental choices were Emanuele and Federica. 'We decided to get married after seeing your photos' so we introduced ourselves to the boys. With two crazy smiles and an incredible style, they will pack vibrant memories that you will be too excited to enjoy. And this is their superpower, to wrap time and stop it. A good photographer must have an eye and a heart. And these guys have enough to fill the sky.

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Destination wedding in Tuscany

Come gli scacchi o la scrittura la fotografia è una questione di scelta tra una serie di possibilità, solo che, nel caso della fotografia, il loro numero non è finito, ma infinito.


Present and unobtrusive

I knew that they would be the "right" ones. Their way of working, approaching us, and their professionalism, made it possible to relieve the tension and anxiety of that day, making everything easier. Emanuele was my guide. Present, but never intrusive. Like a great friend. I would choose them a thousand more times! Thanks for everything!!!

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The best choice for our destination wedding in Italy

Emanuele and Federica are two very valid professionals: attentive, creative: both manage to capture the moment, the emotion, the looks, the attention without being around - spouses and guests - noticing their presence. They are two artists of photography. Entrust to Emanuele and Federica, so when you review the shots of your wedding you will be pleasantly satisfied with their inspiration.


Destination wedding in Italy!

Maniacal precision, excellent organization, and professionalism beyond the limits. The photos? Not just photos, works of art, or poetry. I loved everything; my wedding would not have been the same without them. Now, I can say that not only are the people who have immortalized the most beautiful and spontaneous moments of my day, but they are much more; friends to have dinner with and experiment with new types of cuisine. I love you guys


The perfect review for our wedding photographer

Crazy! You were the perfect link for this to be OUR party: ours ... of all of us. Discreet, smiling, sympathetic, excited: I felt you were an integral part of the "family" For this reason, infinitely thank you: you have made sure that a dream could be lived even while awake.

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Perfect experiences in Rome

Thank you so much for the work you have done! You capture every little detail without making us feel your presence and thus making everything more natural and spontaneous! I believe that a constant in your work is to arouse emotions and you have managed to excite us with your work !!!! Thanks again to all of you !!!

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Telling the wedding, on tiptoe

Emanuele and Federica manage to understand you with a glance and tiptoe into your most beautiful day and your life starting from the months preceding the event. Their photos immortalized the most beautiful day of our lives and allowed anyone who looked at them to understand the deep love that unites my husband and me.