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• Are you always a couple during wedding photography services?

Absolutely, we always work in pairs for a better organization of work and above all to not miss even a moment of your wedding

• Where are you? Is it possible to hire you for a wedding abroad?

We are in Italy, precisely we live in Rome, but we love to travel so we have no problem making photo shoots in Europe or in the world.

• Will you process all the photos? Or just a selection?

Upon delivery you will receive all the photos of your wedding post-produced and in high resolution

• How many wedding photos will you deliver?

On average, we deliver between 600 and 800 photos in high resolution and post-produced on the USB stick supplied with our packaging

• What kind of equipment do you use?

We work with professional SLRs, specifically we work with Nikon. We love working with fixed lenses, in particular 35mm, 50mm and 85mm

• Will you use the flash during the wedding? Or will you work with natural light?

We limit the use of the flash to a minimum, we work almost entirely with natural lights.

• How long will it take for us to deliver our wedding photos?

We deliver the wooden box with the wedding photos in about 90 working days

• Is it also possible to realize albums or photo books with you?

Sure! We love printing, whether it's for a photograph or an entire album. It is possible to print the albums directly from us.

• How long before should I book you?

There is no fixed time, on average couples book our services about a year before the wedding, but if the date is available you can also book a few days before the event.

• Can we meet before the wedding?

Sure! We will certainly make an appointment, whether it is a coffee or a video call. Getting to know us in person is essential before locking a date.

• Will we have to think about lunch / dinner for you too?

Yes, we will take advantage of lunch/dinner to recover some energy, it is not strictly necessary to have a complete menu, but a table and a refreshment are always welcome.