What to ask the wedding photographer

The answers to the most common questions that couples planning the wedding.


Everything you need to know

Whenever we meet our couples, they ask us questions. They want to know about our methods, times, the number of photos, and much more. But precisely, what to ask the wedding photographer? We have decided to collect the questions (and the answers) that they asked most frequently. Surely this will help you understand how we work and to start thinking if we can be the right solution for the type of a photoshoot you are looking for. The page is constantly updated. If you are still wondering what to ask the wedding photographer and do not find the answer, write us. We will be happy to answer you within 24 hours and then add your question to the list below. HERE, saremo felici di risponderti entro 24h e successivamente di aggiungere la tua domanda alla lista qui sotto.

• How many wedding photos will you deliver?

How many photographers will there be during the photo shoot?

We deliver between 600 and 800 high-resolution photos. This is a generic number. It depends on many factors. What happens, how long the marriage lasts, the character of the guests, etc.

We always work in pairs. Being two allows us to manage times better and organize ourselves more easily. During the preparation, each of us will have a dedicated photographer

Where are you? Do you work all over Italy?

Will a contract be made? Will a deposit be paid to hire you?

Si. Al momento della vostra conferma riceverete un contratto da inviare compilato e firmato. Insieme al contratto verrà richiesto un acconto del 20% dell'importo totale come caparra. Tutte le informazioni e gli estremi per il bonifico saranno inviate insieme al contratto

We are in Rome, but we are available for weddings throughout Italy. Traveling is one of the things we like best, so when we combine this passion with work, we are happy. It doesn't scare us to grind miles; on the contrary, the farther we go, the more stimulated we are!

Do you charge any travel expenses?

• How long before should I book you?

If your date is available, we can also be booked a few days in advance. The photographer is one of the first services to be booked immediately after the location or the church, but if we are available, we will be happy to be with you.

We do not add any supplement to weddings outside the Lazio region. We require reimbursement of travel expenses (fuel and motorway toll booths) and an overnight stay.

What are the delivery times?

Will it be possible to make a video call before proceeding with the contract?

We will deliver all the processed and high-resolution photographs in approximately 90 days. Often (most of the time in reality), the delivery of the photos takes place even in shorter times

Sure! Getting to know each other is essential. We will be with you for a long time. It is important that there is empathy between us.

Do you also make videos?

Realizzate anche album e fotolibri? E' possibile stamparli direttamente da voi?

Yes. We are also perfectly organized to make the video. Specifically, Federica and I take care of the photographs, while we have a team of video makers who will take care of the video. If you are interested, you will receive the links and contacts to be able to contact them. The photo and video services are not bound. You can choose us for the photographic part and proceed differently with the video.

Si. Abbiamo diverse soluzioni, sia che si parli di album fotografici "classici" che fotolibri. Entrambe le soluzioni sono in linea con il nostro stile quindi sono degli album "non convenzionali". Per differenza di dimensioni e materiali possono avere dei prezzi differenti, per questo non li inseriamo mai all'interno del pacchetto del servizio fotografico ma preferiamo realizzarli una volta consegnate le foto. Qualora vogliate però, saremo comunque felici di mostrarvi tutti gli album durante uno dei nostri incontri.

• Will we have to think about lunch / dinner for you too?

Yes, we will take advantage of lunch/dinner to recover some energy, it is not strictly necessary to have a complete menu, but a table and a refreshment are always welcome.