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Eloping in Dolomites Italy

There aren’t enough words to describe how amazing of an experience it was for our family to work with Emanuele and Frederica, but I can simply say this: it was spectacular. Their ability to artistically capture each special moment was spectacular. The way they made you feel like family was spectacular. Their creativity and the way they could adapt to what the environment brought in that moment was spectacular as well. If you are considering them as your photographers for your special day, don’t hesitate to bring them into your life. We hope they bring joy your world in the same way that day did to ours… Spectacularly!

elopement photographer reviews


"I am honestly blown away by not only the incredible photos Emanuele and Federica took on our wedding day, but also their wonderful kindness and support. They truly captured the feeling of our special day and so much more. My husband is not exactly comfortable with photos but they not only made him feel like a rockstar, but they also captured the most incredible pictures of him. Seriously, our guests can’t stop talking about how amazing these photos are. Our wedding day had so many challenges to it due to weather and transportation issues, but Frederica and Emanuele worked around those challenges and made our day look flawless. By the end of the day, I felt like I not only had incredible photographers, but also some amazing new friends. I wish I had another big event just so I could hire them again! I can’t wait to share these photos for future generations to come."

elopement photographer reviews


"We stumbled upon Emanuele and Federica on Instagram, and instantly fell head over heels for their style. The thrill began as our communication flowed seamlessly - their responsiveness impressed us, and their commitment to creating a remarkable experience left us breathless. From the moment we stepped in front of their lens, our hearts danced with excitement. Their energy, creativity, and candid direction made our photo shoot a wild, unforgettable adventure. But it wasn't just their photography prowess that won us over - it was their genuine sweetness and unwavering flexibility. When we couldn't find a flower shop in the remote Tuscan town we were staying in, we dared to ask if they could weave some magic. And boy, did they deliver! They handcrafted a bouquet for me, a sweet gesture that melted our hearts. Trusting their vision, we had no expectations for the photos. Little did we know, they would capture the essence of our love story in extraordinary frames that left us breathless. Our hearts overflow with love for these captivating images!"



Emanuele & Federica are two visionary photographers have a knack for capturing breathtaking images that steal your breath away. But they aren't just skilled behind the lens - they're also kind souls with an infectious sense of humor that transformed our shooting day into an absolute blast. Their energy was contagious, their laughter echoing through the air as we adventured together. Every click of the camera felt like a dance of pure joy. It's not just a recommendation we give, it's a heart-pounding, adrenaline-fueled plea - anyone in need of a wedding or special moment photographer MUST experience the magic they create. They're the fearless partners you didn't know you needed, ready to embark on a wild ride and etch your love story into immortal frames. Trust us, you won't regret it!

elopement photographer reviews


reviews of elopement photographer


"These daring and authentic photographers captured the essence of our dream elopement in Tuscany. From the moment we found them on Google, communication was a breeze, and we instantly knew we found our fearless partners. They have such an artistic eye for capturing the most beautiful moments, and we couldn't have asked for a better experience. The photos we received were beyond our wildest dreams, and we couldn't be happier with the way they turned out. It's safe to say we recommend In Bianco e Nero a million times over - they are the ultimate brand you need to capture your unique love story"

elopement photographer reviews


Oh, my heart! Emanuele and his team were absolutely incredible! From the moment we met on our wedding day, he instantly made us feel at ease and filled us with excitement. The way he captured our special moments left us speechless - the photos turned out to be beyond anything we could have ever dreamed of. Each shot was so artistic and candid, just the way we wanted it! Throughout the entire process, his communication was top-notch, ensuring we felt supported and heard. We couldn't recommend Emanuele more highly. Trust me, you won't regret choosing him to capture your precious memories

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I could not sing their praises more! As a professional wedding planner for almost a decade myself, I can attest to the quality, professionalism and FUN that Emanuele and Federica bring. Their photos speak for themselves, gorgeous authentic and artistic candids! But there are so many little things that only someone who's had experience in the industry can attest to - all of which they hit out of the park. They were on time, full of life, friendly and engaging with my guests while also being invisible photo-taking ninjas all day long. Amazing communication throughout the entire process of setting up the details, to afterwards when delivering the photos. Planning a destination wedding in a different country, with a different language could have been more difficult but Bianco e Nero made it simple and I had full confidence that they would come through for me. As far as the photos they captured, they are STUNNING and exactly what I had hoped for. Their artistic eye for emotion is incredible. I could truly go on and on for hours about how they were the best decision we made for our wedding, if you haven't already - BOOK THEM!


Our wedding day in Tuscany, September 2022, was a dream come true. As we embarked on our search for the perfect photographers, we stumbled upon the captivating work of Emanuele e Federica on Instagram. It was love at first sight! Their photography style, so modern, artistic, and filled with emotion, spoke directly to our hearts.

The photos we received are simply breathtaking, each one a masterpiece capturing the essence of our special day. But it's not just about their amazing skills. As individuals, they radiate professionalism, modernity, open-mindedness, friendliness, and sincerity. They are genuine souls who made us feel comfortable and loved throughout the entire experience.With all our hearts, we wholeheartedly recommend the dynamic duo that is Emanuele e Federica! Having them by our side on our wedding day was an absolute pleasure. We cannot thank them enough for beautifully telling our love story, forever preserving the most precious memories.