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Destination Wedding Photography FAQs

Here you’ll find the most common questions we are being asked regularly by our customers to help you to better understand how we work and if we can fit your needs and desires about your wedding photos. We constantly update the following Faqs, however if you are still unsure about what asking the wedding photographer or you do not find the answer you’re looking for, just get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to reply to your requests within 24 hours, and we’ll add your question to the list below.


We’ll catch the big moments of your wedding unobtrusively, with grace and delight, to allow you to fully express their emotions and live their moments, without us interfering the story. Spontaneity is the key because you’re beautiful, as genuine and natural as you are! Think of our style as a magazine vintage photoshoot focused more on lighting than posing. If you're hosting a small quirky or boho wedding, this style will complement your event's vibe perfectly.

What photographic style do you identify with?

We are currently based in Rome. As we love to trot this beautiful world we will join you everywhere you wish to capture your beautiful wedding, in Italy as well as abroad! We’re not scared of grinding kilometers, on the contrary, the further we go the more we are stimulated!

Do you travel for weddings?

We never will add more onto your package, and will arrange our own travel arrangements within Rome and the regions of Lazio. Otherwise, all we ask you is to refund travel expenses (fuel and motorway exit tickets) and 1-2 overnight stay.

Who sets up the travel arrangements?

Yes, of course, we love meeting live our couples if distance allows it! Otherwise, we would arrange a video-call on Zoom to discuss all the details of your wedding day. Breaking the ice before your wedding day is essential to know each other and empathizing. Our way of working is very ‘hands on’, for that during the whole collaboration we want our couples to be able to easily get in touch with us and vice versa, so we’re always available on Whatsapp, phone and email!

Are we able to meet you in person before signing the contract?

According to our experience, the wedding photographer is one of the first services to be

booked immediately after the location or the church.

This is something which you have to take into account especially if you plan to get married during the high-season weekend

(May to September). Generally, we don't have a real rule, you can also be booked a few

days in advance. We can cover last-minute events as well, especially if they take place

during the week or in the off-season.

What’s the best time to book your services?

After having received your inquiry we will organize a video-call (Skype, FaceTime ecc..) to meet each other face to face, and where we’ll answer all your questions. Then, if you decide to book us, we will send you over a contract to sign together with the bank details for the deposit(20% of the total amount). From the on you’ll be officially ours...we'll take care of everything else!

How does your booking process work?

When you confirm the booking, you will receive a contract which has to be sent completed and signed. Along with the contract all the information and the bank transfer details will be sent and 20% of the total fee will be required as a deposit.

Is a contract due to be signed?

Do we need to deposit a fee to book you?

We always work in team. Being two allows us to better handle times and makes it easier to move from one space to another. Furthermore, working in pairs makes us able to shoot from different points of view at the same time and fully express our creativity.

How many photographers will there be during the photo shoot?

We can partially answer this question, as we don't have a precise number to give you! We have also delivered up to a thousand wedding photos, but it depends on many factors, such as the duration of the ceremony, the events that will occur up to the character of the couple. However, we usually deliver between 600 and 800 high resolution and retouched photos, via wetransfer or as a private online gallery.

How many wedding pictures will we receive?

We will deliver some sneak peeks in a couple weeks from the shooting, you'll most likely receive edited and high and and low resolution (for printing and web/devices) images within 3 weeks for engagement and other sessions. For weddings/elopements the delivery will takes place within 8 weeks. These are a maximum time limit we spend to work your photographs. Often (most of the time actually) the delivery will takes place even faster.

How long after the wedding will we receive the photos?

We usually use raw footage to create your wedding photography gallery, but we don’t generally share them with our couples, because the post-production is a creative process as the shooting itself.

Will we receive the raw footage as well?

As professional wedding photographers we give great importance to the power of storytelling, and selecting the final photos is a huge part of our creative work. We’ll send you a complete gallery which perfectly capture all the key moments of the day. If you decide to purchase anything printed, you’ll can pick up additional pictures to include in your album/prints along with the delivered ones.

Can we choose our wedding photos?

It’s very difficult to give a price in advance because every wedding is different and unique. It depends on the type of event and organization: the amount of hours, number of photographers, the amount of additional photographs chosen, possible travel fees. However, you can get a general idea of our pricing just visiting the page dedicated. For more detailed information feel free to get in touch with us filling out the form.

What is your pricing?

We offer standard photography packages that may change depending on the way you're planning your wedding or elopement. A typical wedding photography package includes 2 photographers, a 8-10 hours shooting, post production and around 600/800 high resolution images. Within 48 hours from your wedding or elopement, we always send a preview of about 15/20 images.

What do your wedding photography packages include?

Super 8 film is a very unique service we have been experimenting in these last year using using an old camera from 1965. It can be added on request to your package as an additional service to give a vintage and romantic twist to your wedding. Super 8 film is a truly unique video, different from the professional ones, that for obvious reasons cannot cover the entire event.

However if you’re interested in and you want to know more about it, just contact as by filling out the form and we’ll be glad to give all the information you need.

What Super 8 film service consist in?

Yes we do, as we love printed photos and even more we love wedding albums! We have several photo albums and photobooks options to choose from. All the products are perfectly in line with our “unconventional style”. Their price depends on the size and material you choose, that’s why we prefer to craft them once the photos are delivered. However, as you asked about wedding albums, we’ll be glad to show you our wedding albums during one of our meetings.

Do you also offer printed albums?

Yes we do! We’re perfectly organized to cover also you wedding video, even if we’re a couple of professional wedding photographers who focus on photography to to give you the best of this specific art form. However, we collaborate with a team of professional videographers and we’d be thrilled to put you in touch with them. The very important think we want you to know is that you’re not bound to our video services, you’re completely free to choose them freely.

Do you also provide video services?

Yes, we will use lunch or dinner to recover our energy. Of course we don't ask for a full menu, but a seat and a first and second course are always welcome!

Do we have to take care of your lunch on our wedding day?

Can we book you for an elopement?

Do you also deal with planning? Can you arrange my Elopement?

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