A loving couple embraces and smiles during their romantic all-inclusive elopement in Italy.

Price is what you pay, value is what you get

wedding elopement packages

“We’ll take care of you in every stage of this wonderful experience.”

The uniqueness and irreplaceability of an adventure like the one you’re about to embark on cannot be focused solely on a price. Be flexible and seek out people who can truly cherish your memories. Money will come and go, but your wedding day experience is a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Choose with your heart, first.

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Kind Words

All-Inclusive Wedding Photographer’s Packages

When we started planning our elopement, we only knew a few things: the date was flexible, the location was open, and our hearts told us it had to be in Italy, even if we didn’t know exactly where. But there was one thing we were always certain about: Emanuele and Federica. They were our rock, our certainty.

But what we discovered as we went along with them was so much more. They weren’t just exceptional photographers, but true guides. From our very first call, they never held back in giving us invaluable advice, essential suggestions, and in-depth knowledge that made our elopement perfect.

With their simplicity and experience, they guided us through every step of the process. The day of our Tuscany wedding was simply magical! And we’re not just talking about the photography – although their photos were the final missing piece of the puzzle. It was the genuine humanity they showed that made this experience unforgettable, fun, and completely stress-free! Every time we look at the pictures and see our smiles, we fully understand what they meant when they spoke about “recognizable photography.”

When they promised to take care of us, it wasn’t just empty words, but a commitment they truly delivered on.


“we fully understand what they meant when they spoke about “recognizable photography”

Intimacy and love during a romantic couple session: a couple holds hands in the comfortable ambiance of a bathtub.


Picture-perfect Couple Sessions, Engagements, and more!
An immersive service with no rules or timelines, where you can be your true selves and tell your story in the everyday moments. It’s all about capturing your unique love story in its purest form.

Minimum 2hrs

Touching moment of exchanging wedding vows during an emotional elopement amidst the majestic Dolomites, with Val di Funes in the background.


Eloping with your soulmate and maybe a few loved ones for a one-of-a-kind adventure!
Embark on a completely customizable experience that’s all about you and your partner. Whether it’s an intimate affair or a grand escape, we’ll craft an elopement that reflects your love and individuality.

Minimum 4hrs

Panoramic view of an unforgettable destination wedding: a chapel in the enchanting Abbey of San Pietro in Valle, Umbria.


Your special day crafted with precision and care, turning moments into memories.
A meticulously planned and detailed celebration that revolves around you. Let us capture the essence of your love story as you become the stars of this unique and unforgettable day.

Minimum 8hrs

Portrait of a sweet family during a nature-immersed Tuscan wedding: the newlyweds seated with their two children on their laps, surrounded by love and joy.

If you think hiring a professional is costly, imagine the expenses that come with hiring an amateur

wedding elopement packages

Your memories, the moments, the feelings, and the emotions you’ll experience on that day will be something you can’t recreate. It’s a fact. It’s important to give careful attention to your budget, but even more crucial to remember that the uniqueness and irreplaceability of those moments should be cherished as happy memories.

Get in touch with us now, and we’ll take care of you. We can’t wait to hear from you and be part of your story! 🌟

An enchanting couple walks in the snow at night with lanterns during their captivating winter elopement in the stunning Dolomites.