Before Focusing On The Photographs, Consider The People Who Will Be Behind The Lens

We’re Emanuele & Federica, We’re Thrilled to Meet You!


We understand that finding the perfect photographer is about more than just stunning images. It’s about finding someone who empathizes with your emotions, someone who can make you feel comfortable, authentic, and truly yourself throughout the entire experience. 🌟

That’s where we come in! We’re here to be your guides, your confidants, and your friends who will ensure that you have a stress-free, authentic, and most importantly, FUN experience.

“It’s not just about capturing photos; it’s about living a one-of-a-kind experience”

We treat those precious moments and the people experiencing them with utmost respect. We understand the significance of these moments and we are so grateful for the trust you place in us.

We’ll take care of you

Your elopement or wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience – unique, meaningful, and unforgettable. That’s why we emphasize the importance of having “people” around you, not just photographers or professionals.

We want to be your trusted friends. If there’s one thing we truly value, it’s the human connection.

Those who have already had a call with us have probably heard this a thousand times, but we’ll never tire of saying it: the empathy and human connection we build in the months leading up to your big day will be the pillar on which everything else stands.

Expert Guides at Your Service

While this may be your first time planning such a unique experience, we’re well-versed in all the intricacies involved.

Planning a destination event can be daunting, but that’s where we step in. You can trust us with the details! We know the ins and outs – the best locations, optimal timing, and essential procedures. Our in-depth knowledge and experience enable us to be your expert guides every step of the way.

From scouting the perfect spots for your photoshoot to navigating any unexpected challenges, we’ve got you covered.


The secret to working as a couple? Easy, Federica is always right, even if she hasn’t said a single word!

Why Hiring a Real Couple Is the Winning Move!

Trust Us, If We Can Live and Work Together Without a Fight, Nothing Can Scare Us! 💪

Perfect Synchronization:

After 15 years of being together as a couple, we’ve perfected the art of understanding each other without saying a word. It’s like we have our very own secret language! This extraordinary skill becomes invaluable when it comes to acting on instinct or gracefully adapting to unexpected changes. We seamlessly coordinate our movements, ensuring every moment is captured with a harmonious and fluid touch.


When you trust a real couple like us (yes, we’re talking about ourselves!) to capture your special moments, you’re inviting a deeper level of understanding and comfort into your experience. It’s like gathering around a table for a relaxed dinner with long-time friends. We instantly establish a camaraderie that allows us to genuinely empathize and capture those heartfelt, authentic moments that tell your unique love story.

Double the Ideas:

You know what they say, opposites attract! And in our case, it’s not just true for our relationship; it applies to our work as well. With our different backgrounds, perspectives, and creative approaches, we bring together a vibrant fusion of ideas. Although we share the same goal, we might take different paths and have distinct ways of thinking. This diversity, dear friends, offers you the incredible advantage of two unique viewpoints that ultimately lead to a rich and comprehensive outcome.

Cost-Effective Couples:

Let’s not forget that choosing to work with a real couple has its financial perks too! Planning an elopement experience involves ensuring everything fits within your budget, and perhaps you haven’t considered this yet: opting for a couple costs less than hiring two separate individuals!It’s a win-win situation, where you get the double expertise and creativity of a couple team at a more affordable price

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