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We are Adventure elopement photographers who Co-craft wedding experiences for Bold couples who prioritize authenticity and intentionality

“So, you decided a Traditional wedding is not your thing, and know what?

that’s perfectly okay!”

“So, you decided a Traditional wedding it’s not your thing, and know what? that’s perfectly okay!”

Intentional couples are those who live their lives purposefully, making mindful decisions that align with their values and vision. They prioritize authenticity and meaning in every aspect of their relationship and choose experiences that reflect their unique love story.

When it comes to planning an elopement, intentional couples take a distinctly personal and reflective approach. They focus on creating an experience that resonates with who they are as individuals and as a couple. These couples value quality over quantity and prefer intimate moments shared with their closest loved ones. They prioritize their connection and experience over societal expectations.

Intentional couples seek stress-free coordination and work with vendors and planners who understand their vision. They want their day to be seamless and authentic, so they choose professionals who specialize in capturing genuine moments and creating tailored elopement experiences.

Loving couple sharing a tender moment during their intimate Borgo Pignano wedding ceremony

Ciao! We’re Emanuele & Federica!

As a real-life couple, we can confidently say that we understand the unique challenges and opportunities of planning an intimate elopement.

Through this shared connection and understanding, we can provide you with a level of support and guidance that is unmatched by photographers who don’t share this same experience. We can help you navigate potential challenges and obstacles that may arise during the planning process, providing you with a trusted resource to turn to when you need it most

Additionally, our real-life connection as a couple adds intimacy and authenticity to our work as photographers. By working together seamlessly, we can capture the most heartfelt and intimate moments of your celebration, providing photographs that truly reflect the unique essence of your love.



“The Best Day of Our Lives”


Highlighting a close-up moment of pure love and romance, as a couple of newlyweds share a passionate kiss against the backdrop of a stunning red brick wall during their marriage in Tuscany.

Heather & Jake


Emanuele and Federica went above and beyond as our photographers for our international elopement. They made our day seamless and a dream come true.

From planning to the wedding day, they were kind, and helpful, and captured beautiful, natural moments.

The photos told the story of our wedding perfectly, and we will cherish them forever. We can’t thank them enough for the memories that will last a lifetime!


Gabriele & Tadas


These two have been an absolute game-changer for us! They guided us through our elopement journey and took care of every detail, making our special day perfect.

Despite feeling shy in front of the camera, our photos turned out stunning and we can’t stop sharing them. You can trust them with your precious moments, they won’t disappoint!

Zoe & Aaron


They are incredibly responsive and excellent at communication.

During our photo shoot, it was so much fun, creative, candid, and effortless. They are fantastic at giving direction and making you feel at ease. I also really appreciated how flexible and sweet they were.

I asked if they could buy some flowers for me on the way to my hotel as I couldn’t find a flower shop in the town. They made me a bouquet and it was the sweetest gesture!


Values & Philosophy

Our approach is built on genuine connection, empathy, and a commitment to capturing authentic moments. Let us be your trusted guides in discovering how to elope intentionally, turn your love story into a masterpiece, and co-craft an experience. Together, we’ll co-craft an unforgettable experience that celebrates your love in the most meaningful way.

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